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Colombia San Gil
Colombia San Gil

Colombia San Gil

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We are proud to offer you our 18 Screen Colombia Supremo from a group of only eight small farm holders from San Gil and nearby Bucaramanga. The farms are located at 4,600 feet elevation where growers have spread their arabica crop among the tall-trees of the native forests, doing a wonderful job with the region’s natural shade canopy to protect their coffee plants from excessive sunlight. Just to get to the farms, one has to travel through the Chicamocha Canyon, a winding, 6,500 ft deep ravine, carved by the Chicamocha River.

This cup has well balanced acidity with a medium body. This single origin Colombian is one of our staples here at Lamont Coffee. We have found that while it does have enough body to take milk or sugar, it’s a very nice stand alone coffee.


  • Region- San Gil 
  • Varietal- Castillo, Colombia, Caturra & Typica
  • Altitude- 4,600 feet
  • Process- Washed
  • Notes- Very pronounced aroma,floral and fruity, medium body and medium to high acidity. A very consistent and balanced cup profile.
  • Roast- Medium